Institutional Innovation Studies

The Modernization of the Political System in Portugal, Democracy and Civic Participation

In order to stimulate systematic and multidisciplinary research in the fields of politico-institutional reform, democracy and civic participation in Portugal, the Catholic University of Portugal’s Research Center on Peoples and Cultures created a new research program under the scientific and editorial coordination of André Corrêa d’Almeida.

The goal of this new research program is toward a scientific contribution for the development of a reconciliatory ethics in politics, which is capable of addressing the politico-institutional barriers that compromise both sustainable development and the legitimate individual and collective aspirations of the Portuguese people. While research proposals can focus on any of the three fields listed in the title of this announcement, all proposals should include at minimum (1) a problem formulation section; (2) a national historical perspective of the subject being researched; (3) an international comparative analysis; (4) alternative solution-based scenarios; and (5) a discussion on the role of new information and communication technologies in supporting any proposed resolutions.

The topics currently being studied are:

– “The Parliamentarian Status: a renewed approach” by Pedro Duarte Silva and José Eduardo Reis.

– “Electoral Law: discussion and alternatives” by Alexandra Carreira and Ana Luisa Oliveira.

– “Modernization of the Political Parties and Campaigns Funding Systems” by Luís Miguel Oliveira and Miguel Brito.

– “The Legislative Responsiveness of the Portuguese Parliament: from the electoral programs to the European Union” by Patricia Calca.

– “Civic Participation and Role/Power of Journalism” by Ricardo Alexandre.

For more studies on institutional innovation please visit ARCx’s “Publications” page.

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