Studying and Accelerating Innovation for Smarter Cities and Institutions

Smarter Cities

We help local governments, city administrations and municipalities:

  • Map their own administration innovation ecosystem.
  • Identify development opportunities in priority areas for administrations and citizens.
  • Develop innovation agendas and roadmaps based on existing internal innovation drivers.
  • Build smarter public-private partnerships and new funding mechanisms based on incremental development and quick wins.
  • Make their programs and cities smarter places to live.

We help urban tech companies:

  • Design and implement co-development innovation strategies with local governments, city administrations and municipalities
  • Design and implement impact assessment systems

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Institutional Innovation

We study political, economic and social institutions to advice national and regional authorities, civil society and the private sector on how to modernize human systems and make the world a freer place to live.

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Capacity Development

We create, design and implement educational curricula, programs, workshops and executive training modules for governments, universities and firms seeking to incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals in their business models and operations.

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