Reform of the Parliamentary System in Portugal

The purpose of this book is to create and offer reflection and work tools for inter-party collaboration around the design and implementation of new configurations and new consensuses for the Portuguese parliamentary system.

It was not written to punish the system, to denigrate it, to destroy it or to discredit it. The focus and discourse throughout the pages of this book are constructive and center on the possibility of institutional innovation and improvement of the parliamentary system from the opportunities identified by the more than one thousand people who collaborated in this project.

It is an empirical, historical and positivist, non-partisan exercise that departs from reality as presented in the present to idealize how it could be in the future; and thus encourage new behaviors, attitudes and decisions on the part of political actors.

Thus, in this work we are also faced with an exercise in political philosophy, as value judgments are issued around problems that need to be resolved.

Purchase the book here.

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