Smarter PortugalX

People, Technology and Life in the Future

The “Smart(er) LisbonX Research Group”(LxX) was created by André Corrêa d’Almeida with the collaboration of Prof. Roberto Carneiro and scholars from the Catholic University of Portugal, with the goal of developing case studies aiming at examining how innovation from within a cluster of neighboring cities along Tagus River is making urban systems smarter and shaping people’s lives. The focus is on how this urban cluster has been adapting to and adopting new data and technology innovations to make their management systems more inclusive and responsive to decision making and citizens, their success, failures and replicability. In addition to this cities-cluster project with Lisbon and Cascais (Portugal) the initiatives also includes a single-city project with New York City (U.S.). This “Smart(er) City” initiative is also being expanded to the UK, China and Latin America.