Political Parties Dialogue Platform

“Espaço Diálogos” is an initiative created by André Corrêa d’Almeida to bring together parliamentarians from all seven political parties in the Portuguese Parliament and promote political debate in Portugal. The focus is on inter-parties dialogues capable of developing consensus around key politico-institutional reforms the country needs, such as the functioning of the parliament, parliamentarian status, parties funding, electoral law and regulations. Since the Carnation Revolution in 1974 that institutional innovation in Portugal is mostly driven by external entities and pressure. Innovation of the political system can and should occur from within and driven by the legitimate democratic aspirations and of development of the Portuguese people. “Espaço Diálogos” was launched in July 12, 2016, and its more specific objectives include:
  • fostering inter-parties consensus for the modernization of the political-party system in Portugal;
  • reinvigorating and empowering political parties;
  • contributing to the elevation of the political function and dialogue;
  • producing comparative research and knowledge about the themes chosen for the dialogues.

“Espaço Diálogos” team members in Lisbon include:
Professor Maria do Rosário Carneiro
Dr. Pedro Duarte Silva
Dr.a Alexandra Carreira
Dr. José Eduardo Reis

Institutional partners for “Espaço Diálogos” include: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Luso-American Development Foundation and Catholic University of Portugal.