China Sustainability Program

The rapid growth of China has created unprecedented challenges in terms of energy and sustainability. China, a country with relatively scarce energy resources, recently became the largest energy consumer. The country also became number one CO2 emitter, and pollution in the largest cities has reached unprecedented levels. Sustainability in China has become a global challenge. The new Chinese leadership has prioritized the creation of a more ecological society, which provides an opportunity for the China Sustainability Program (CSP) here presented.

General Goal

The goal of CSP is to develop a knowledge network of practical approaches and solutions with students, scholars, and policy makers to maximize collaborative approaches for sustainable development in China. A special focus is paid to environment, technology and urban systems, smart(er) cities and sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Background and Approach

CSP, originally incubated at the Earth Institute’s Center for Sustainable Development, Columbia University, seeks to engage on innovative and interdisciplinary science-based research and policy advising on a range of integrated development themes with a special focus on environment, technology and urban systems, smart(er) cities and SDGs. Our network of experts can offer practical solutions and informed advice on addressing China’s SDGs. CSP also offers a knowledge network to Chinese students, scholars and practitioners with ongoing opportunities for networking, research and publications. The program is structured around two major areas of work: Applied Research and Educational Program. As a forum for multi-stakeholder and inter-disciplinary discussion, CSP foments an open environment for debate.

Applied Research

The China Sustainability Program offers a series of research activities to foster multi-stakeholder dialogue and knowledge sharing between scholars and among policymakers in selected Chinese municipalities: Macau, Chengdu, Beijing, Zuhai and Xizhuou. This program offers support to students conducting research in sustainability practices within the context of China’s unique development challenges. CSP’s Policy Briefs series is available under ARCx’s “Publications” page.

Education/Training Programs

The China Sustainability Program offers trainings and workshops in New York City and China (multiple cities) in the fields of China and SDGs, and Smart(er) cities.

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