Smart(er) London

Data, Technology and Life in the City

A Collection of Case Studies on Smart City Initiatives in London – The City as an Incubator for Innovation

General Objective and Research Questions

With the success of Smart(er) NYC in addressing what, how, and if technology innovations in NYC have improved the lives of its citizens, our next volume examines technology in London.

The Smart(er) London Research Group and the Collective Quest for Innovation


Methodology: A Unifying Pedagogical Approach for All Cases

  • While a subset of innovations of special interest has already been pre-selected, partnering
  • universities/researchers can propose additional themes for consideration. If the partner requests it, CU’s team will make the introduction to the relevant London agency.
  • The case studies will be based on in- person interviews with no fewer than 10 stakeholders per case in each city agency studied, participatory roundtables with field experts, and additional external research as required.
  • To be included in the edited volume, each case study must pass a review process.
  • Once finalized, the cases will be used to help mobilize resources to support the development of this new research group.


  • Twelve case studies (20-25 pages/1.5 spaced / ~6,500 words) + three chapters
  • Presentation of selected cases at Smart Cities conference
  • An edited volume with all cases and additional contributions

Partnering Universities and Research Institutions

  • Columbia University: André Corrêa d’Almeida and Kendal Stewart (School of International and Public Affairs)
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network: Jessica Espey, Mihir Prakash, Alison Holder and Sandy Ruckstuhl (NYC Office)
  • Future Cities Catapult: Meagan Crawford and Julia de Juan Verger (London Office)

Special Contributors and Advisory Committee